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Now I know what love is
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1st-Jul-2008 08:29 pm(no subject)
Efron ! Blue

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26th-Jun-2007 10:36 am(no subject)
Efron ! Blue
I'm back!
Hi everyone.
I'm sorry about my lack of activity. There is just so much going on right now, which is why I am going to be going on an extended hiatus. The hiatus will probably be until after my calculus class is over (so around August). I just wanted to let you all know this so you can take me off your lists if you want. I completely understand. I just hope that when I do return, you will add me back :]

If you'd like to talk or just let me know something:
Email: fatima.mansour@gmail.com
AIM: x3 Earth Angel

I love you all x 10,000.
8th-May-2007 07:36 pm(no subject)
Efron ! Blue
Hey everyone! I know I'm super behind on your journals =[
But I just got on real quick to say I'll be on hiatus until next week. I'm going to BPA Nationals ---> New York City, here I come! ;]

I understand if you guys are angry with me for being so behind and I apologize with all my heart. I'll catch up soon, I promise

Love you guys!
22nd-Feb-2007 12:29 pm(no subject)
Efron ! Blue

[Possible Hiatus]
Hey everyone. There's something majorly wrong with my computer right now. It turns on but the screen won't. I dont know what's wrong with it but Ron's coming over today to try and fix it. If it can't be fixed *sobs* then I'm going to be on a slight hiatus for awhile. I'm on my mom's computer at the moment but if my computer is gone forever *sobs again* then we will only have 1 computer to share between the four of us so I dont know how much I'll be able to get on, especially with both my mom and sister in college having to type up a gazillion papers. I'm sorry and I hope there's nothing horribly wrong that can't be fixed with my computer. So if I don't comment very much in the near future..that's why.

Love you all :]
14th-Jan-2007 01:23 pm(no subject)
Efron ! Blue
Well Friday was BPA (Business Professionals of America) Regionals. BPA is a club where you join different events that are related to Business stuff and compete with other people from different schools who are in the same events you're in. Friday was Regionals and who ever placed at Regionals goes to States in March. Want to know how I did? Drum Roll Pleasee

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8th-May-2006 03:47 pm(no subject)
Efron ! Blue

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